Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine

What stands out the most to you about Monash WIL interns?

The interns have all been very enthusiastic, professional and efficient. They have been a joy to work with and have significantly contributed to a number of current and ongoing research projects in our unit. The interns have consistently demonstrated an interest in our field of work and have taken opportunities to maximise their placement experience. I have found all WIL interns to be very impressive!

How do Monash interns contribute to the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine (VIFM)?

The interns at VIFM have been extremely helpful in the data collection phase of a number of research projects in our unit. They have been instrumental in collating and documenting coronial information from large national databases that require manual collection, including postmortem toxicology and pathology results. While interesting, the process is laborious and requires great attention to detail - something all our interns have consistently demonstrated!

What are some of the benefits of hosting interns?

The program provides a fantastic opportunity for interns to experience research in a forensic medical environment at the VIFM. In turn, we are assisted with research projects in their early stages which facilitates more research outputs within our department. It is also a nice experience having more friendly Monash faces in our unit.

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