Karuna Balasubramanian

“I undertook a three-week internship with ABC News Breakfast as part of my journalism studies. A typical day started at 5.00am in the morning at the office for me (with lots of coffee). I would start off by verifying and linking the paper stack, which included verifying the headlines of all major newspapers with the graphics, assisting with guests, and shadowing producers or reporters. I would also edit RVOs (reader voice overs) for the show. I ended up learning how to produce, edit and write scripts. I also learnt how to report on stories and, most importantly, how to find newsworthiness and how to present a show.

This internship opened up to me the various roles in the industry that I never knew existed. It also gave me a hands-on experience of how news is produced in a TV newsroom and the tools that are required to produce a live show.

My advice for interns would be to continuously ask questions and get to know everything about the industry. You will have a great time!”

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