Meg-Mel Dean

Despite being overseas, my DataSauce placement was one of the best experiences I have had – one that was perfectly executed and even extended into an employed, paid position. ‘Digital Assistant’ was my role during the internship, and weekly responsibilities included building Facebook ad campaigns, data reporting and analytics, client and competitor research, copywriting, creative planning, proposals and pitches, and influencer strategies and briefs.

It was a fruitful, enjoyable learning experience, and there could not be a safer space facilitating one’s transition from academia to professional work. My above task list might also seem daunting, but I guarantee that any Monash WIL program entails quality mentorship in an environment tailored to your growth. I thereby developed crucial soft skills of greater confidence, communication skills, analytical abilities, independence and creativity – all of which made me a more capable, qualified candidate in pursuing future goals.

Considering an internship at university further boosts your CV, which is immensely important in a world where most individuals now have comparable educational qualifications. Personally, I find making full use of Monash’s career and support services to advance your credentials incredibly important, for there is no better time for personal development than amid studies. While it could potentially be hectic juggling work, school and play, my time at DataSauce has reaffirmed my belief that an internship is beyond valuable – especially if it leads to networking, real world experiences, ongoing employment and ultimately, one less thing to worry about once the security of academic life ends.

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