Professor Heleen Slagter

headshot of woman with glasses and brown hair in front of yellow background

Professor Heleen Slagter

Principal Investigator, Cognition & Plasticity Lab, Free University, Amsterdam

Professor Heleen Slagter received a PhD in cognitive neuroscience in 2005 from the University of Amsterdam. After a 4-year postdoc at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA, she returned to Amsterdam to set up her own lab. Her research focuses on (the neural basis of) core cognitive functions, such as attention, and the plasticity of these functions. What are the mechanisms that allow us to select, suppress, and become aware of information in the environment? How do past experiences or mental training as cultivated by meditation influence these mechanisms that adaptively control information processing?

Professor Slagter’s work has garnered awards and funding, including a prestigious VIDI grant by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific research (2010), an ERC starting grant (2015), an ERC consolidator grant (2020), and an early career award by the Society for Psychophysiological Research (2014).

Heleen Slagter is invited to the Advisory Committee as an expert in the neuroscience of contemplative practices, with deep expertise in neuroimaging, careful psychophysics methods and computational approaches to contemplation.