M3CS offers a suite of resources, free to all. Here you can explore and practice mindfulness and contemplation.

Monash University offers two free online courses, designed and delivered, with the support of Monash University Campus Community Division, by M3CS’s Richard Chambers and Craig Hassed:

These are among the world's most popular online mindfulness open access courses worldwide, being two of the highest rated online courses of all time by leading course aggregator Class Central. Together these courses have attracted more than 450,000 enrolments since the first course was offered in 2015.

These courses can be designed and delivered in a bespoke fashion for individual organisations – please see the Clients page and contact us for further details if your organisation is interested.

Monash Centre For Consciousness and Contemplative Studies has created a podcast, hosted by M3CS Postdoctoral Researcher, Dr Mark Miller, and podcaster Jamie Slevin. The Contemplative Science Podcast has weekly episodes and is dedicated to the practical science of spirituality.

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Videos, interviews, and podcasts:

Psychwire Q&A  What can we do to strengthen our mind and maintain good mental health? ASK internationally-acclaimed mindfulness expert, Professor Craig Hassed, about hitting the mental gym

R U OK?  Sunshine FM. DRIVE interview with Bec and Jeziel with Craig Hassed on mental health and wellbeing issues affecting Australians.

The Self Made Simple with Monima Chadha. The Contemplative Science Podcast hosts interview Monima Chadha on  the Buddhist view of the 'self'.

Mindfulness and Education. The Contemplative Science Podcast hosts interview Craig Hassed on the theories, benefits and practicalities of mindfulness training in education settings.

Discovering THE ESSENCE of Mindfulness with Craig Hassed. Dr Arun’s Under the ‘Knife’ Series features transformational conversations with world experts to dissect modern-day challenges that keep us from ultimate health and healing.

The House of Wellness – Season 6, Episode 10. The cast interview Craig Hassed on chronic stress and its impact on health.

Consciousness Unconstrained, interview with Jennifer Windt and Tom Drummond at The Wheeler Centre in partnership with Melbourne Monash Consciousness Research.

Consciousness and contemplation, Jakob Hohwy speaks on ABC Radio National's The Philosopher's Zone Podcast.

Using Mindfulness to make sense of our thoughts, Craig Hassed discusses his teachings, research and clinical interests on The Imperfect Us Podcast Episode 3.

The emerging importance of psychoneuroimmunology, Craig Hassed interviewed by Dr Michelle Woolhouse on FX Medicine's podcast.

Being awake while sleeping, being asleep while awake, a youtube recording of talk by Dr Thomas Andrillon at Tokyo Consciousness Club.

Q&A from Lockdown. Sherelle Connaughton, Richard Chambers and Craig Hassed in conversation with Advisory Committee member Shannon Harvey.

Compassion in healthcare: Are we on track or is there more that can be done? Presentation at Turning Point by Debbie Ling.

Karma, the pandemic and politics in India. Soul Search with Dr Meredith Lake on ABC featuring Sadhguru and Monima Chadha.

What's behind the Buddha's smile? Monima Chadha interviewed on ABC's Radio National.

Indian Philosophy. Monima Chadha on the ABS’s Philosopher’s Zone.

Religious diversity. Monima Chadha interviewed by Dan Halliday on ABC's Ethics Matters.

The problem of consciousness. Wheeler Centre conversation with Jakob Hohwy and Prof Olivia Carter, hosted by Hilary Harper.

Mindfulness & the mind-body relationship. presentation at the Asia-Pacific Mindfulness Conference, Singapore, by Craig Hassed.

Hustle culture: the drive to achieve. Jakob Hohwy interviewed on Dr Susan Carland's podcast What Happens Next?

The science of mindfulness. Craig Hassed explains to Smiling Mind.

The Essence of Health. Craig Hassed interviewed by Mental Health Foundation - India.

Mindfulness: defeating distraction and amplifying awareness. TEDxUniMelb, by Richard Chambers.

The science of meditation. ABC's Catalyst program, featuring Richard Chambers and Neil Bailey.

A list of popular and introductory articles, presentations and books (see also M3CS's research publications):

Mindfulness - Ask the Expert. An interview with Craig Hassed in The Beacon Magazine (online pgs 8-9)

Personhood in Classical Indian Philosophy. Entry in the Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy written by Monima Chadha

Indian philosophy and the value of transformative experiences. An interview with Monima Chadha by Edvard Avilés & Matthieu Koroma in Alius magazine.

The Link Between Wandering and Sleeping Minds, The Scientist article featuring Jennifer Windt and Thomas Andrillon

Mind matters: A new approach to consciousness and contemplation, Monash Lens article by Jakob Hohwy & Monima Chadha

Bearing it in mind: Being more than just OK on RU OK? Day, Monash Lens Article by Craig Hassed

Common Humanity - The Basis for Unbiased Universal Compassion, presentation by Debbie Ling

Perceptual Experience and Concepts in Classical Indian Philosophy, Monima Chadha in The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Yoga, mindfulness and meditation: Is the commercialisation of spirituality all that bad? article featuring Monima Chadha on ABC Radio National's site.

M3CS also sponsors the Minds Matter Podcast, hosted by M3CS Teaching Associate and PhD student Beth Fisher and PhD student Ava Ma de Sousa. Minds Matter is a conversational podcast about psychology, neuroscience, and cognitive science that is sure to engage and educate listeners. Tune in to this podcast for thought-provoking discussions on the human mind and our conscious connection with each other and our environment.