Professor Kai-Yuan Cheng

portrait of man with glasses, blue to and short brown hair

Professor Kai-Yuan Cheng

Institute of Philosophy of Mind and Cognition, National Yang-Ming Chiao-Tung University, Taiwan

Cheng is a philosopher with expertise ranging from Western metaphysics and analytical philosophy of language, with focus on Wittgenstein, to Eastern intellectual traditions especially Zhuangzi’s philosophy. He has a deep interest in Chinese philosophical, Daoist and Buddhist, approaches to the notion of the self, and practices these himself. He has expertise in cognitive science as well, having published brain imaging studies on pain perception with mindfulness. He is well-connected to several contemplative communities in Taiwan.

Cheng was trained in Taiwan and U.S.A. and received his doctorate from the City University of New York. He has a distinguished career in university administration, having been Dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, and Vice President of National Yang-Ming University, and occupied several other senior management positions.

Kai-Yuan Cheng is invited to join the Advisory Committee due to his scholarly expertise and administrative experience, and to help foster connection and insight into Asian scholarly and contemplative communities.