Shannon Harvey

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Shannon Harvey


Shannon Harvey is a journalist seeking to inform, empower and inspire people to make long-lasting, healthy changes. Based on personal experience, Harvey’s journalistic work compiles the latest research the connection between mind, body and health. That research became the basis for The Connection, a film which includes stories of people recovering from illnesses like cancer, heart disease, infertility, chronic pain and MS.

Shannon now writes a popular blog about how she uses this research in her everyday life, with interviews with leading experts and the real-life stories of people who are successfully using evidence-based lifestyle advice alongside the best of conventional medicine to live happier, healthier and longer lives. Her international award-winning documentary, My Year of Living Mindfully, was released in 2020, published in book-form in 2021; her book The Whole Health Life was published in 2016.

Shannon Harvey is invited to the Advisory Committee as an expert on media engagement and science communication for contemplative practices.