Free Training to Learn How to Stay Scam Safe

Working together with people with living experience of being scammed after brain injury, we have created a free online training program to help you learn how to stay safe from scams.

There are 8 topics, covering:

  1. What is a Scam
  2. Scam and Brain Injury
  3. What are Red Flags
  4. Romance Scams
  5. Gaining Access Scams
  6. Tips for Increasing  CYBERABILITY
  7. Stopping a Scam
  8. Finding the Silver Lining

During the training, you’ll create your own CYBERABILITY plan. Contact us if you’d like a free printed copy.

Check your CYBERABILITY safety score before and after the training to see how you’ve improved.

Click HERE or on the picture of the life ring to access the CYBERABILITY training.

To help you access the training download our Getting Started Guide.

With the support of the TAC and the eSafety Commissioner, we launched the training in October 2021. You can watch a recording of the launch, including videos of our Ambassadors telling their scam stories and tips on logging into the training, on our YouTube Channel.

This short video explains what you’ll learn about in the CYBERABILITY training.

Video About the CYBERABILITY training