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Adibi Laboratory


Welcome to the Adibi Lab

Our laboratory investigates neural computations and their underlying neuronal mechanisms for sensorimotor processing and perception. Our focus is on the sense of touch and tactile system.

We're part of the Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute, and a member of the Neuroscience Program and
the Department of Physiology.

Dr Mehdi Adibi

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Our research

Fundamental brain functions such as perception, memory, behaviour and learning are the result of recruitment of big populations of neurons across a wide range of brain areas. At Neurodigit Lab, we combine behavioural, computational and theoretical approaches with cutting-edge methods of observation and manipulation of neuronal activity to understand the neuronal basis of sensorimotor processing and perception. Our focus is on the sense of touch and tactile perception. The sense of touch is one of the oldest senses in the animal kingdom. Our most intimate experiences are tactile. The model systems of our interest are:

  • Rodent whisker-mediated touch system

    As nocturnal animals, rats and mice extensively use their whisker-mediated touch system to collect information about their surrounding environment.

  • Human fingertips and digits

    Fingertips have one of the highest density of touch receptors in the human body. We actively interact with our environment through our fingertips and digits.

  • Rodent digits and forepaw

    Similar to humans, rodents (including rats and mice) are one of the few species among mammalians that exhibit a variety of grip and digit postures for handling food, grooming, climbing and catching prey insects.

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