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The Moseley lab is always happy to receive enquiries from prospective students or postdocs who have genuine interest and experience that relate to the presented research themes. Discussion regarding potential research proposals and applications are encouraged to contact Professor Greg Moseley with any queries.

Selected funding groups

We gratefully acknowledge the funding given to our lab by the NHMRC and ARC.

Teaching activities

Greg is the principal teacher of molecular virology and viral pathogenesis in the Dept. of Microbiology at Monash. He has taught into the fields of biochemistry, cell biology, infectious disease, and immunology over a number of years, each of which forms a major component of the diverse, multidisciplinary field of virology. To pursue his passion for the advancement of the field of virology within Australia, he took an academic position within Monash, where he now acts as the convenor of the Molecular Virology & Pathogenesis course, and also teaches virology in a number of other Microbiology and Biomedicine courses. The laboratory also takes highly active roles in research training, including undergraduate and graduate students, and placements for high school students and interns, to support the next generation of researchers and clinicians in virology.