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Polo lab publications

Selected highlight publications

1. Knaupp AS*, Buckberry S*, Pflueger J, Lim SM, Ford E, Larcombe MR, Rossello FJ, de Mendoza A, Alaei S, Firas J, Holmes ML, Nair SS, Clark SJ, Nefzger CM, Lister R*, Polo JM* (2017) Transient and Permanent Reconfiguration of Chromatin and Transcription Factor Occupancy Drive Reprogramming. Cell Stem Cell 21 (6), 834-845. * joint corresponding author

2. Nefzger CM, Rossello FJ, Chen J, Liu X, Knaupp AS, Firas J, Paynter J, Pflueger J, Buckberry S, Lim SM, Williams B, Alaei S, Faye-Chauhan K, Petretto E, Nilsson SK, Lister R, Ramialison M, Powell DR, Rackham O, Polo JM. “Cell type of origin dictates the route to pluripotency.” Cell Reports.201721(10):2649-2660.

3. Liu X*, Nefzger CM*, Rossello FJ, Chen J, Knaupp AS, Firas J, Ford E, Pflueger J, Paynter JM, Chy HS, O'Brien CM, Huang C, Mishra K, Hodgson-Garms M, Jansz N, Williams SM, Blewitt ME, Nilsson SK, Schittenhelm RB, Laslett AL, Lister R, Polo JM (2017) Comprehensive characterization of distinct states of human naive pluripotency generated by reprogramming. Nature Methods 14 (11), 1055.

4. Rackham O, Firas J, Fang H, Oates ME, Holmes ML, Knaupp AS, Suzuki H, Nefzger CM, Daub CO, Shin JW, Petretto E, Forrest AR, Hayashizaki Y, Polo JM*, Gough J* (2016) A predictive computational framework for direct reprogramming between human cell types Nature Genetics 48(3):331-5. * joint corresponding author

5. Polo JM, Anderssen E, Walsh RM, Schwarz BA, Nefzger CM, Lim SM, Borkent M, Apostolou E, Alaei S, Cloutier J, Bar-Nur O, Cheloufi S, Stadtfeld M, Figueroa ME, Robinton D, Natesan S, Melnick A, Zhu J, Ramaswamy S, Hochedlinger K (2012) A molecular roadmap of reprogramming somatic cells into iPS cells Cell 151(7):1617-32.

6. Polo JM, Liu S, Figueroa ME, Kulalert W, Eminli S, Tan KY, Apostolou E, Stadtfeld M, Li Y, Shioda T, Natesan S, Wagers AJ, Melnick A, Evans T, Hochedlinger K (2010) Cell type of origin influences the molecular and functional properties of mouse induced pluripotent stem cells Nature Biotechnology 28(8):848-55. Evaluated by Faculty of 1000

Additional publications

A full list of Polo Lab publications can be viewed on Scopus and Polo's Monash Reseach Profile.