MTI is located on the Monash University Caulfield campus only 10kms from the CBD in Melbourne, Victoria. Facilities include well equipped diagnostic laboratories out of BHP Research (former MRL), plus access to Monash University Engineering facilities and laboratories.

There is also a base and facilities in Emerald with a fully fitted 4WD to mine site specifications, plus Melbourne Testing Services provide access and support to their facilities plus off site storage.

Remote Monitoring Centre

MTI has developed solutions for remote data acquisition and condition monitoring using the latest in mobile data communication technology. Data from multiple locations or mobile plant can be accessed in real time from a central location (Melbourne) eliminating the costs and delays involved in sending  personnel to remote locations for data collection and analysis.

MTI’s data acquisition and condition monitoring systems are capable of monitoring key parameters including strain, pressure temperature, force/tension, tilt, acceleration, displacement, attitude and heading, GPS and proximity. Further, embedded algorithms are capable of analysing data in real  time to determine stresses, cumulative fatigue damage, machine component condition, environment conditions, unsafe operating conditions, etc.