Our experts in inclusive technologies

Meet the researchers who are investigating how technology can open greater opportunities for people living with disabilities.

Professor Patrick Olivier
Professor Action Lab
Professor Kim Marriott
Head of Department, Human-Centred Computing Inclusive Technology
Associate Professor Matt Butler
Deputy Dean (Education) Inclusive Technology
Associate Professor Louisa Willoughby
Associate Professor, Department of Linguistics
Dr Levin Kuhlmann
Senior Lecturer
Dr Kirsten Ellis
Group Lead, Inclusive Technology Inclusive Technology
Dr Alon Ilsar
Research Assistant SensiLab
Dr Anuradha Madugalla
Post-doctoral Research Fellow Software Engineering
Dr Cagatay Goncu
Adjunct Researcher
Dr Swamy Ananthanarayan
Lecturer Inclusive Technology
Dr Kalin Stefanov
Research Fellow Data Visualisation and Immersive Analytics,Inclusive Technology
Dr Reuben Kirkham
Lecturer Inclusive Technology
Dr Erica Tandori
Project Officer Inclusive Technology
Dr Khalid Hossain
Research Fellow Digital Equity and Digital Transformation
Dr Han Duy Phan
Dr Vince Dziekan
Senior Lecturer
Dr Lisa Kruesi
Research Assistant Data Visualisation and Immersive Analytics
Mr Jim Smiley
Senior Technical Officer Inclusive Technology,Data Visualisation and Immersive Analytics
Ms Chris Gonsalvez
Senior Lecturer Inclusive Technology
Leona Holloway
Research Assistant, Project Officer and PhD Candidate Inclusive Technology
Samuel Reinders
PhD Candidate Inclusive Technology
Hashini Senaratne
PhD Candidate and Research Assistant Inclusive Technology
Sam Trolland
Research Assistant and PhD candidate SensiLab,Inclusive Technology
Kate Stephens
Research Support Officer Inclusive Technology
Benjamin Phua
PhD Candidate Inclusive Technology
Madhuka De Silva
PhD Candidate Inclusive Technology,Data Visualisation and Immersive Analytics
Minoli Perera
PhD Candidate Inclusive Technology
Pranav Kulkarni
PhD candidate and Teaching Assistant Inclusive Technology
Ruth Nagassa
PhD candidate Inclusive Technology
Jenna Hall
PhD candidate
Bhanuka Gamage
PhD Candidate Inclusive Technology