Software Systems and Cybersecurity

Software Systems and Cybersecurity

Every individual, business and society who uses online services is exposed to a range of vulnerabilities. Privacy violations, financial fraud and service interruptions, to name a few. That's why we focus on developing sophisticated applications to store, access and manipulate data – to ensure its integrity, reliability and safety.

The Department of Software Systems and Cybersecurity (SSC) at Monash is a world leader in cybersecurity research. As technology becomes more deeply integrated into our everyday lives, the smarter and more alert we need to become. Through our work we seek to understand and address the challenges created by the constant re-imagining of technology. We navigate the ever-changing public perspectives on issues such as privacy and self-disclosure, and the expectation of convenience and trust in online services.
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We provide a collaborative, holistic approach to cybersecurity research. Coming from diverse backgrounds, our academics and graduate researchers are experts in cryptography and blockchain technology, systems engineering and software development. We also hold strong ties with other research institutions, industry and governments (local and international) to solve real-world problems. Supported by these leading research groups