ICSE 2019

ICSE 2019

41st ACM/IEEE International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE)

Monash IT is proud to be a Platinum Sponsor for this year’s event which is being held in Montreal, Canada.

Our researchers are presenting 21 sessions at ICSE 2019 and associated events.

Read their technical research papers describing original and unpublished results in SE research.

ContributorsResearch areas
Suraj Yatish, Jirayus Jiarpakdee, Patanamon Thongtanunam, Chakkrit Tantithamthavorn

ICSE 2019 Technical Papers-track
Mining Software Defects: Should We Consider Affected Releases?

Sen Chen, Lingling Fan, Chunyang Chen, Ting Su, Wenhe Li, Yang Liu, Lihua Xu

ICSE 2019 Technical Papers-track. Industry Program
StoryDroid: Automated Generation of Storyboard for Android Apps

Dehai Zhao, Zhenchang Xing, Chunyang Chen, Xin Xia, Guoqiang Li

ICSE 2019 Technical Papers-track
ActionNet: Vision-based Workflow Action Recognition from Programming Screencasts

Xuan Bach D. Le, Lingfeng Bao, David Lo, Xin Xia, Shanping Li, Corina Pasareanu

ICSE 2019 Technical Papers-track
On Reliability of Patch Correctness Assessment

Xin Xia, Zhiyuan Wan, Pavneet Singh Kochhar, David Lo

ICSE 2019 Technical Papers-track
How Practitioners Perceive Coding Proficiency

Hoa Khanh Dam, Truyen Tran, Trang Pham, Shien Wee Ng, John Grundy, Aditya Ghose

ICSE 2019 Journal-First Papers-track
Automatic feature learning for predicting vulnerable software components

Chakkrit Tantithamthavorn, Ahmed E. Hassan, Kenichi Matsumoto

ICSE 2019 Journal-First Papers-track
The Impact of Class Rebalancing Techniques on the Performance and Interpretation of Defect Prediction Models

Rahul Mohanani, Iflaah Salman, Burak Turhan, Pilar Rodriguez, Paul Ralph

ICSE 2019 Journal-First Papers-track
Cognitive Biases in Software Engineering: A Systematic Mapping Study

Zhiyuan Wan, Xin Xia, Ahmed E. Hassan, David Lo, Jianwei Yin, Xiaohu Yang

ICSE 2019 Journal-First Papers-track
Perceptions, Expectations, and Challenges in Defect Prediction, in IEEE Trans. on Software Engineering

Weiqin Zou, David Lo, Zhenyu Chen, Xin Xia, Yang Feng, Baowen Xu

ICSE 2019 Journal-First Papers-track
How Practitioners Perceive Automated Bug Report Management Techniques, in IEEE Trans. on Software Engineering

Yuanrui Fan, Xin Xia, David Lo, Ahmed E. Hassan

ICSE 2019 Journal-First Papers-track
Chaff from the Wheat: Characterizing and Determining Valid Bug Reports, in IEEE Trans. on Software Engineering

Qiao Huang, Xin Xia, David Lo, Gail Murphy

ICSE 2019 Journal-First Papers-track
Automating Intention Mining, in IEEE Trans. on Software Engineering

Pavneet Singh Kochhar, Xin Xia, and David Lo

ICSE 2019 Software Engineering in Practice, Industry Program
Practitioners’ Views on Good Software Testing Practices

Hoa Khanh Dam, Truyen Tran, John Grundy, Aditya Ghose, Yasutaka Kamei 2019 ACM/IEEE International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE2019):
NIER Track Towards effective AI-powered agile project management
Marcel BöhmeICSE 2019 New Ideas and Emerging Results-track
Assurances in Software Testing: A Roadmap
Jun Gao, Pingfan Kong, Li Li, Tegawendé F. Bissyandé and Jacques Klein

MSR 2019 Technical-Papers-track
Negative Results on Mining Crypto-API Usage Rules in Android Apps

Hoa Khanh Dam, Trang Pham, Shien Wee Ng, Truyen Tran, John Grundy, Aditya Ghose, Taeksu Kim, Chul-Joo Kim International Conference on Mining Software Repositories
MSR 2019 - Technical Papers

Lessons learned from using a deep tree-based model for software defect prediction in practice
Chakkrit (Kla) TantithamthavornMSR 2019 Education-track
Software Analytics in Action: A Hands-on Tutorial on Analyzing and Modelling Software Data
Su, John Grundy, Hosking, Tempero ECASE workshop
Leveraging Usage Data of Software Architecture Artefacts