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Research areas in Software Engineering (SE)

Our SE research team collaborates with multiple faculties and disciplines to analyse current system problems, predict risk and change the way software is developed. This presents a unique opportunity to leverage the power of SE in areas such as mobile apps, blockchain, data analytics, digital health management, smart cities, sustainable energy and efficient transport systems.

Software can lack transparency. It can be discriminatory and inequitable. And it can have unintended negative consequences.

Our research focuses on the societal impact of software –  and the influence of human values on its development. We also consider human aspects such as ethics, usability, requirements and visual language to inform our research.

We’re detecting vulnerabilities in mobile apps to make it easier for humans to tackle complexity and be creative with their solutions.

This work has lead to the development of new AI techniques, which advance knowledge in this area and support other research communities.

We study this area using Search-Based Software Engineering, SE, Machine Learning, User Interface, SE and AI, software repositories and models.

With software permeating all aspects of our lives, quality assurance is becoming an increasingly vital but costly aspect of software development.

Using quality metrics, architecture, testing, security and empirical SE, we’re developing new tools for quality assurance testing – and to address emerging problems in complex software systems.

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