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Public opinion

Division in Bendigo: Mainstream public opinion and responses to public protest in Bendigo, 2014–2016

In the two years after November 2013, when a planning application for the construction of a mosque was submitted for approval to the City of Greater Bendigo Council, Bendigo witnessed increased levels of community division, hostility and racism, directed both towards Muslim residents and other visible immigrants, and within the local community. The Bendigo protests have been characterised as 'possibly the ugliest racist outbreak in Australia since the Cronulla riots.' This project has undertaken research to further understanding of mainstream opinion in Bendigo and of the experiences of residents of the Islamic faith. It presents an evaluation of the response strategies, with particular reference to the role of the Bendigo Council.

To download Division in Bendigo [pdf 3.6 MB], please click the image below:

Division in Bendigo cover