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Penn State - Monash Collaboration Development Fund


Update as at June 2020: The 2020 Penn State-Monash Collaboration Development Fund program will not be running this year. Please find below details of the 2019 round.

Monash University and Penn State are working towards a long-term and multi-faceted partnership.

The goal of this strategic partnership is to identify and facilitate collaborative research, education, and service activities that neither could achieve independently. In essence, making 1 + 1 = 3.

The Collaboration Development Fund, a seed-fund program jointly financed by both universities, was established to foster cross-institutional research.

Due to the preliminary success of the first round, Penn State and Monash University announced a second round of funding for 2019, which has now closed. The Collaboration Development Fund targeted projects in the Intersection of Health and the Environment and funded a total of eleven projects (up to $50,00 each).

More information on seed funding outcomes can be found here.

Seed Fund Details - 2019 Round Now Closed

The 2019-20 Collaboration Development Fund calls for applications aligned to the research theme, ‘Intersection of Health and the Environment’

A$50k total award is available for each project (split 50/50 between Monash and Penn State PIs).

Successful proposals will be those that (i) are at the Intersection of Health and the Environment, (ii) demonstrate an immediate potential to be sustainable through external funding sources, (iii) have the potential for significant impact in an emerging research area, and (iv) leverage complementary strengths of the two universities.

  • 2019 - Request for Proposals

    Important information for prospective applicants.

  • 2019 - Application Form

    Download and complete Monash - Penn State Collaboration Development Fund Application Form.

2019 Timeline

Proposal submission due

15 June 2019

Anticipated award announcement

Mid- August 2019

Kickoff Workshop at Penn State

7 - 12 October 2019

Final Report submission due

30 August 2020

Seed Fund Outcomes

The partnership with Penn state is broad, spanning a number of faculties at Monash. In 2018/19, awarded collaborations range from an ‘International Institute for Biosensing’ to a ‘Graduate Curricular Initiative in Gender and Peace Science’. The joint selection panel was impressed by the quality of applications and describe some as “cutting edge research with human, economic and societal impact” and a “great use of the complementary strengths of the universities”.

The list of 2018 successful projects can be found here.

In 2019, Penn State and Monash University committed seed funds around the Intersection of Health and the Environment and awarded 11 grants. Projects support spanned the impact of farm management practices on antibiotic presence and antimicrobial resistance in waterways, to developing ethical, policy, and legal frameworks to address health effects of digital influence; assessing the air quality co-benefits of climate mitigation strategies in the US and China to using mobile apps to explore the role of social networks in the recovery of substance-dependent individuals.

The list of 2019 successful projects can be found here.

Collaboration Development

In April 2018, a Collaboration Development Workshop was held at Monash University to create a forum between the university personnel and catalysts to develop successful, sustainable collaborative concepts, while considering opportunities and constraints. By the end of the Workshop, participating teams completed a Collaboration Development Summary in preparation for the release of the Seed Fund.

Please refer to the workshop’s documentation and resources below for tips on developing a Monash-Penn State collaboration. If you require assistance with establishing a collaboration, please see contacts below.

  • Workshop Schedule

    Paul Perreault, CEO and Managing Director, CSL Ltd confirmed to deliver keynote address. View schedule for full list of talks/events.

  • Workshop Videos

    View Workshop plenary presentations.

  • Tips for International Collaborations

    Information on institutional differences, potential challenges and keys to success.

  • Collaboration Development Summary

    Complete Summary template by 11 April and send to


Alexandra Persiko

Strategic Initiatives Coordinator , Global Programs

Penn State University

Email -

phone - 814.867.5941

Ranmalee Mendis

Project Manager

Office of the Provost and Senior Vice-President, Monash University

Email -

Phone - +61 3 9902 4204