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Virtual VCE Revision

Free online revision sessions for VCE students run by Monash pre-service teachers.

Monash Virtual School

In partnership with the Invergowrie Foundation.

The Monash Virtual School offers a series of free, interactive revision classes, delivered over Zoom, focused on supporting girls studying VCE Units 3 and 4; Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Psychology and Software Development, as well as Further, Methods and Specialist Mathematics.

For each subject there will be six sessions over the course of a year, each focusing on a different area of the curriculum. Students are able to register for any or all sessions for subjects they are currently undertaking.

The Monash Virtual School will be led by online learning expert Associate Professor Michael Phillips and delivered by Monash pre-service teachers under the guidance of experienced and qualified educators.

Our focus is supporting young women’s learning and engagement in STEM by providing them with opportunities to engage with outstanding female educators who develop and deliver STEM programs in the Monash Virtual School; however, students of all genders are welcome to participate.


Sessions run from 4:30 – 5:30pm
Exam revision runs from 4:30 – 6:30pm

  • Physics sessions

    1. Oscillating Springs
      Monday 28 February
    2. Induction and Lenz's law
      Monday 28 March
    3. Transformers
      Monday 9 May
    4. Special Relativity
      Monday 6 June
    5. Short Answer and Graphing
      Monday 1 August
    6. Multi Step Calculations
      Monday 29 August
    7. Exam Revision
      Monday 31 October

  • Chemistry sessions

    1. Stoichiometric Calculations
      Thursday 3 March
    2. Redox Reactions
      Thursday 31 March
    3. Equilibrium
      Thursday 12 May
    4. Concentration-time Graphs
      Thursday 9 June
    5. Organic Compounds
      Thursday 4 August
    6. Calorimetry
      Thursday 1 September
    7. Exam Revision
      Thursday 27 October

  • Biology sessions

    1. Nucleic Acids and Proteins
      Monday 7 March
    2. Energy Transformations
      Monday 4 April
    3. Immune Response
      Monday 16 May
    4. Evidence For Evolution
      Monday 11 July
    5. Hominid Evolution and Biology as a Human
      Monday 8 August
    6. Key Science Skills
      Monday 5 September
    7. Exam Revision
      Monday 10 October

  • Psychology sessions

    1. Models of Stress
      Thursday 24 March
    2. Learning and Memory
      Thursday 5 May
    3. Classical and Operant Conditioning
      Thursday 2 June
    4. Sleep Deprivation and Disturbances
      Thursday 28 July
    5. Mental Health Disorders and the 4P's
      Thursday 25 August
    6. Research Methods
      Thursday 6 October
    7. Exam Revision
      Monday 17 October

  • Software development sessions

    1. Testing Techniques
      Thursday 10 March
    2. Creating Working Modules
      Thursday 7 April
    3. Developing and Applying Evaluation Criteria
      Thursday 19 May
    4. Evaluating the Quality of Your Solution
      Thursday 14 July
    5. Analysing and Evaluating Security
      Thursday 11 August
    6. Risk Management Strategies
      Thursday 8 September
    7. Exam Revision
      Thursday 3 November

  • Further mathematics sessions

    1. Linear Associations
      Tuesday 15 March
    2. Time Series Data
      Tuesday 26 April
    3. Compound Interest, Investments and Loans
      Monday 23 May
    4. Matrices
      Monday 18 July
    5. Geometry and Measurement
      Monday 15 August
    6. Graphs and Relations
      Monday 12 September
    7. Exam Revision
      Thursday 13 October

  • Mathematical methods sessions

    1. Algebra of Functions
      Thursday 17 March
    2. Functions and Graphs
      Thursday 28 April
    3. Calculus – First Principles
      Thursday 26 May
    4. Calculus – Application
      Thursday 21 July
    5. Probability and Statistics – Conditional
      Thursday 18 August
    6. Probability and Statistics – Statistical
      Thursday 15 September
    7. Exam Revision
      Thursday 20 October

  • Specialist Mathematics

    1. Complex numbers
      Monday 21 March
    2. Calculus
      Monday 2 May
    3. Kinematics and Mechanics
      Monday May 30
    4. Vectors
      Monday 25 July
    5. Probability and Statistics
      Monday 22 August
    6. Trigonometric Identities
      Monday 3 October
    7. Exam Revision
      Monday 24 October

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Register your interest for 2023

In 2023 we will be offering free online VCE revision sessions for both Year 11 and Year 12 (Units 1-4). Please register your interest here to be contacted when registrations open later in the year.

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The Invergowrie Foundation

The Invergowrie Foundation, established in 1992, is a public charitable trust made possible through the McPherson Family gift of 1933.

With a mission to advance the education of girls and women in Victoria and a current focus on STEM education, The Invergowrie Foundation is delighted to be partnering with Monash University in this venture to deliver high quality educational opportunities for female students studying STEM subjects.

The Monash Virtual School VCE revision classes will provide enrolled students with extra knowledge, skills and tools which may otherwise be unavailable to them to assist with reaching their potential. We look forward to seeing many girls embrace this opportunity and what impact this has on the girls’ learnings and engagement in STEM.

Kim Bartlett
Chief Executive Officer
The Invergowrie Foundation

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