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  • Information

    The Let’s Chat program is an engaging and highly interactive way to build your skills in conversational English. It’s a peer to peer program, meaning that the facilitators in the classroom are also Monash students. These facilitators have been highly trained with exceptional skills in English language and cross-cultural communication to create a dynamic classroom which is perfect for all undergraduate, masters and PhD students, whether you are new to the university or continuing your journey. Come and join us now!

  • Modules

    Each module focuses on building confidence in English as well as developing linguistic and sociocultural skills. There are 6 ‘modules’ of Let’s Chat, each specifically designed to help with your transition into Monash and Australia. These modules will help to further develop important communication skills over the course of your degree and beyond.

  • Let's Chat Facilitators

    We have facilitators from every faculty at the university as well as every stage of their degree, including undergraduate, masters and PhD facilitators. We are an incredibly diverse team with domestic and international facilitators and we would love to meet you!

  • Ambassadors

    English Connect Ambassadors program enables students who have attended Let's Chat to continue with their involvement in the program by participating in volunteering opportunities with English Connect.

Modules for Undergraduate and Masters by Coursework students

  • Let's Chat Module 1

    Module 1 topics cover university life, the language for meeting and greeting, taking part in conversations, Aussie slang and body language.

  • Let's Chat Module 2

    Module 2 topics include the language for politeness, apologies, requests, complaints, opinions, slang and workplace communication.

Modules for PhD and Masters by Research students

  • HDR Module 1

    Module 1 for research students includes themes on social conventions, entertaining, social rituals, politeness and directness in different social settings.

  • HDR Module 2

    Module 2 addresses workplace expectations and communication, workplace feedback, small talk and job interview skills.

Modules for Partners

  • Partners Module 1

    Partners Module 1 is suitable for partners new to Australia. The Module addresses expectations and the reality of life in Australia.

How Let's Chat can help you

  • Lets chat session 1

    Come join in!

  • Say g'day

    Say g'day to new friends

  • Opinions welcome

    Opinions welcome

  • Conversations with confidence

    Conversation with confidence

  • The answers to your questions

    The answers to your questions

  • The great escape

    The great escape

  • What's the right message

    What's the right message?

  • Opinions welcome

    Friends through footy

  • It's fun to do Let's Chat

    It's fun to attend Let's Chat

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