Sophie Dicker

Sophie Dicker

Sophie Dicker

  • Year completed 2015
  • Current position Financial Analyst, Accenture
  • Degree(s) Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Global Studies

Career summary

Sophie Dicker completed her Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Global Studies in 2018. During her time at Monash, Sophie was an Ambassador for the ‘Do It In A Dress’ campaign run by not-for-profit One Girl, which drives change for girls through education. In 2020, Sophie landed her dream job, working as a Financial Analyst for Accenture, a global consulting company.

Career pathway

2020 – Financial Analyst, Accenture
2019 – Ambassador, One Girl; Administrative Assistant (BizTax), Morrows; Promotions Assistant, Our Boys and Girls
2015 – Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Global Studies, Monash University

Why did you choose to study a Bachelor of Commerce and Global Studies at Monash?

I always enjoyed maths in high school. My parents are small business owners, so the Commerce degree felt useful and fitting to my strengths.

I chose to do a Bachelor of Global Studies because it was something that piqued my interest. I lived overseas in Italy when I was a teenager and I have always had a passion for global affairs and events. The broad nature of global studies appealed to me as I wanted to enrich my knowledge in many areas while learning practical skills that would help my career. I majored in international relations, which allowed me to complete units in human rights.

Importantly, I knew that part of the degree would involve going overseas and therefore give me an abundance of real-world experience.

What does your current role as a financial analyst at Accenture involve?

Accenture is a professional services company that works with clients to create solutions for their business and help them grow. We work across 40 different industries in more than 120 countries to improve our clients’ performance and to create changes within businesses which will maximise their performance.

As a financial analyst, my role involves working with multiple functions of Accenture, including solution architects and deal teams, to shape new consulting and outsourcing deals, and provide guidance of deal shape efficiencies and benefits for a diverse range of clients. I work with global teams on a daily basis, and consistently have the opportunity to work with new clients. It is a fulfilling job as I am constantly exposed to new technology trends and solutions that help shape the future of big companies.

What were some of the most valuable skills you learnt during your studies at Monash?

During my Bachelor of Global Studies, I gained the ability to be a critical thinker. A major part of global studies is to consider an argument and evaluate the merits and downfalls of every side and point of view. In any workplace, any proposal, argument or idea requires this type of critical analysis.

Another skill I developed was confidence in public speaking. In many degrees, your grade is judged by exams and assignments, while in the Bachelor of Global Studies there is a high value placed upon your ability to present in public, debate in class, and voice your thoughts and opinions. The degree requires collaboration and places a large emphasis on communication, both crucial skills to master before graduating.

Lastly, in business you rarely ever work completely alone. My Bachelor of Global Studies heightened my ability to listen and learn from others. I have come to realise that innovation normally happens collaboratively.

What were your favourite parts about studying at Monash University?

The first things that I think of are my overseas experiences. It is compulsory to go overseas on a study tour during the Bachelor of Global Studies, which was a main reason why I chose to study at Monash. I went to the Netherlands for six months on exchange and I went on a study tour to New Zealand. These trips were highlights of a lifetime.

I am so grateful for both experience because, unlike just travelling for leisure, these programs give you the opportunity to immerse yourself within the culture of the place you are in and make genuine connections with people from across the world. I also enjoyed how drastically different classes in different countries were carried out, especially in the Netherlands.

What is your advice for students who want to break into an industry that is constantly evolving and changing?

My biggest piece of advice is to engage with the world around you. This is a skill and behaviour that was really emphasised in my Bachelor of Global Studies, which has ultimately been one of the reasons I am in the role I am in today.

Read newspapers and books, listen to podcasts, watch the news and take the time to understand what is going on in the world around you. Change, especially in the technological field, occurs so quickly. If you are not aware of it, you may miss out.

Written by Arts Journalism intern Georgie Kibel, 2020