Crossing Borders: A spatial and temporal analysis of the global movement of Australia's offshore detention policies

The use of offshore detention has been witnessed within the Australian context following the arrival of the MV Tampa. This event resulted in the introduction of the Pacific Solution and the establishment of offshore detention centres on both Nauru and Manus Island. The use of offshore detention by states is growing  in popularity, as it is being used as a method to prevent and deter the  irregular migrants. Australia's border control policies have received international attention, however, it currently remains unknown as to the accuracy of Australia's influence over the development and spread of offshore detention policies globally.

Hence this research seeks to develop an understanding concerning the processes involved with the movement and spread of Australia's offshore detention policies both spatially and temporally, since 2001.

Project Team:

Meg Randolph:

Leanne Weber:

Marie Segrave:

Jarrett Blaustein: