Lauren Hanegraaf

Main supervisor Antonio Verdejo-Garcia, associate supervisor Jakob Hohwy

Lauren Hanegraaf is a Provisional Psychologist and is currently completing her Doctor of Philosophy (Clinical Psychology) at Monash University. Her PhD focusses on exploring how people’s maladaptive personality traits influence the way they perceive and interact in their social environment.

Lauren’s research utilises and aims to link two dimensional models of psychopathology – the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) Research Domain Criteria (RDoC) ‘Systems for Social Processes’ domain and the American Psychological Association’s Alternative Model of Personality Disorders (AMPD). Alongside her supervisors she has developed an online social processing battery that comprehensively assesses each of the key constructs outlined in the RDoC ‘Systems for Social Processes’ domain, and has administered this survey to a community sample, and clinical samples of participants with Borderline Personality Disorder and Substance Use Disorder. She aims to identify transdiagnostic classes of maladaptive personality traits (AMPD) and explore whether these classes exhibit different social processing profiles (RDoC). Ultimately, her hope is that this work contributes to the ongoing conceptualisation and integration of dimensional models of psychopathology.