Milan Andrejević

Milan is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Cognition and Philosophy Lab studying cognitive processes underlying moral decision-making. He joined the lab in September 2021.

Before joining the lab, Milan completed his PhD at the Decision Neuroscience Lab at the University of Melbourne, under the primary supervision of A/Prof. Stefan Bode and co-supervision of Dr. Simon Laham and Dr. Daniel Feuerriegel. His thesis investigated cognitive processes underlying moral judgements in information-dynamic settings, and individual differences in importance people assign to different fairness norms.

Milan completed his M.Sc. in Neuroscience at Freie Universität Berlin under the supervision of Prof. Hauke Hekereen, where he investigated personality correlates of the brain’s white matter microstructure. He also worked with Prof. Nina Romanczuk-Seiferth at the Charité University Hospital Berlin as a research assistant in projects studying cognitive underpinnings of the gambling addiction. He completed his B.A. in Social and Cognitive Psychology at Jacobs University Bremen.


Andrejević, M., White, J. P., Feuerriegel, D., Laham, S. M., & Bode, S. (2021). Response time modelling reveals evidence for multiple, distinct sources of moral decision caution. Under review. Preprint available at bioRxiv:


Andrejević, M., Smillie, L. D., Feuerriegel, D., Turner, W., Laham, S. M., & Bode, S. (2021). How do basic personality traits map onto moral judgements of fairness-related actions? Social Psychological and Personality Science. [preprint]

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Andrejević, M., Meshi, D., van den Bos, W., & Heekeren, H. R. (2017). Individual differences in social desirability are associated with white-matter microstructure of the external capsule. Cognitive, Affective, & Behavioral Neuroscience, 17.

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Personality traits may drive our ideas about fairness and sharing – Article in The Conversation.