Centre for Consciousness and Contemplative Studies

Centre for Consciousness and Contemplative Studies

This unique Monash Arts Centre builds on Monash's global leadership in consciousness research and education in contemplative practices.

Empowered by a generous philanthropic grant from Martin and Loreto Hosking through the Three Springs Foundation, Monash University has established the Monash Centre for Consciousness and Contemplative Studies – the first of its kind in the world.

Through unprecedented collaboration between philosophy, neuroscience, medicine, education and interfaith dialogue, the Centre will serve as a regional and global leader in consciousness research and contemplative studies. Energised by Humanities research, methodologies and theory, the Centre will open doors to greater reflection, curiosity, resilience, wellbeing and meaningful connections on both individual and collective levels.

Guided by the three interrelated domains of education, community engagement and research, the Centre will focus its interdisciplinary academic lens on our common humanity while positively impacting student wellbeing through the development of core curriculum subjects underpinned by research into both contemplation and consciousness itself.

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Key domains

These domains draw together the expertise and contributions of internationally recognised research and thought leaders across the disciplines of philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, interfaith understanding, education and mindfulness practice.

Monash expertise

Meet the academic leaders and collaborators driving this groundbreaking interdisciplinary project.

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This Centre was made possible thanks to the transformational philanthropic grant from the Three Springs Foundation which contributes to the Change It. For Good. campaign – the largest public fundraising initiative in Monash’s history. For more information about the impact of philanthropy at Monash University, please visit Giving at Monash.