Our team

Front (sitting from left to right): Professor Marie Segrave, Professor Kate Fitz-Gibbon, Associate Professor Bridget Harris, and Professor JaneMaree Maher.

Back (standing from left to right): Dr Shih Joo (Siru) Tan, Dr Rebecca Stewart, Dr Ellen Reeves, Jasmine Mead, Dr Jasmine McGowan, Dr Emma McNicol, Dr Hyein (Ellen) Cho, Dr Nicola Helps, Dr Stefani Vasil, and Chloe Keel.

Not pictured:  Rosemary Batty, Liana Papoutsis,  Dr Naomi Pfitzner, Harshita Rupanagudi, and Professor Sandra Walklate.

About the Centre

At its core, Monash GFVPC addresses the prevention of family violence. The Centre provides a platform for bringing together Monash researchers with international experts to collaborate with partners in government, social services, legal services, health and policing to contribute to solving one of the most challenging problems we face.

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