Stefani Vasil

Stefani is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow with the Monash Gender and Family Violence Prevention Centre. She completed her PhD at RMIT University in 2021. Stef’s research is primarily concerned with how women’s experiences of family violence are impacted by migration systems and policies. Through interviews with migrant women and stakeholders, her PhD thesis explored the ways insecure migration status intersected with other social inequalities. These structural factors exacerbated women’s isolation and limited their autonomy, placing them at risk of further violence.

Stef is interested in contributing to research that adopts an intersectional approach and advocates for migrant women’s inclusion in national responses to end violence. She has also been undertaking research on migrant and refugee women’s experiences of technology-facilitated abuse, and feminist approaches to digital citizenship. Stef is thrilled to be joining the Centre and contributing to their important research on migration and family violence.