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About the Monash Intercultural Lab

The University has committed to ensuring intercultural competence is a hallmark of a Monash education.

Based in the Faculty of Arts, the Monash Intercultural Lab (MIL) supports the implementation of the University’s Intercultural Competence strategy. Working with a range of partners, the Lab engages with questions of intercultural competence by investing in a program of work that responds to, accommodates and embraces diversity across the University in pursuit of social, cultural and economic inclusion.

By employing global perspectives, the Lab delivers on Monash’s commitment to shaping culturally conscious citizens. The MIL strategy is informed  by the Focus Monash: Strategic Plan 2015-2020 and Focus Education Agenda 2018-2020. The MIL draws Faculties, central areas and student representatives together around the following focus streams and associated activities:

Co-curricular programs

To provide all Monash students with a range of opportunities to increase their intercultural competence. The MIL has oversight of a suite of programs for Monash students, as well as study abroad experiences. Our aim is to ensure that Monash students have the intercultural skills to thrive in globalised workplaces and communities.

Professional Development

As part of our commitment to ensure that all Monash staff are able to demonstrate intercultural competence appropriate to their role, the MIL supports a suite of programs that includes MEA modules, MIL-tailored programs, and a range of professional development modules and short courses.

Research and Engagement

Scholars affiliated with the MIL have significant research expertise across the broader field of intercultural and transcultural studies, including linguistics, translation and interpreting studies and cultural literacy and migrant cultural studies.The MIL also works to foster inclusion and build social cohesion in the communities in which the University operates. This includes improving accessibility and engagement for diverse student groups, engaging with diverse communities to develop the University’s educational approach and intercultural competence curriculum.

The MIL aims to foster and build enduring partnerships with industry, government and other national and international organisations to address the current global intercultural competence challenges and to maximise the impact of its research and education.

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