Antimicrobial Futures and Societies

Antimicrobial Futures and Societies investigates public understanding of infection, immunity, pharmaceuticals and antimicrobial resistance using social research methods.

The programme is led by interdisciplinary and international teams of social and biomedical researchers and examines:

  • Media narratives on superbugs
  • General public awareness and action
  • Individual and community experiences of infection, immunity, and antibiotics
  • Enablers and barriers for the safe use of antibiotics in human and companion animal health
  • One Health systems and policy
  • Communications and education for diverse communities using digital media

Team members advise on policy for government and our research has been used to help shape public communications strategy for COVID-19 Roadmap to Recovery.

An interactive version of the Discovery Project (2017-2020) can be accessed here, and the full discussion paper (.pdf) is available for download below.

Davis, M., Lohm, D., Lyall, B., Schermuly, A., Rajkhowa, A., Flowers, P., Whittaker, A. and Lemoh, C. (2021) Promoting Australian general public awareness and action on antimicrobial resistance. Melbourne: Monash University School of Social Sciences. DOI: 10.26180/13101491

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Antimicrobial Futures and Societies is supported by the Australian Research Council.