Colab m mentors

Michelle BetzMichelle Betz

Michelle Betz is a senior media development consultant with 15 years of experience. Her areas of expertise include media in conflict and post-conflict, military-media relations, safety issues and rapid response interventions and she has a particular interest in the use of media in conflict prevention and resolution.

Betz is also an active researcher and has authored numerous book chapters and papers including a recent background paper on media and conflict prevention for the UN-World Bank study, Pathways for Peace.

Wayne BacaleWayne Bacale

Wayne Amago Bacale is the Monitoring and Evaluation Lead of the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation of the World Economic Forum. Before the Forum, he worked with the ILO as M&E Officer of a USDOL funded global project on occupational safety and health.

Wayne resided in Dhaka, Bangladesh and worked as Results Measurement Specialist of the Trade and Competitiveness Global Practice of the World Bank Group for South Asia. Since 2002, he has developed or collaborated on the development and implementation of M&E strategies of donor-funded programmes and projects.

Clifford BascoClifford Basco

Clifford is an accomplished Commissioned Officer in the Armed Forces of the Philippines with a rank of Major having served and still serving the Philippine Marine Corps. He recently worked as WhyDev’s Collaborative Programs Officer.

He has more than 15 years of experience in counterinsurgency and counterterrorism, peace and conflict, humanitarian assistance and disaster response. He considers himself a full-time peacemaker and a part-time ‘development worker’.

Pooja ChaudharyPooja Chaudhary

Pooja is a Strategy Manager at Centum Learning Limited which works in the area of strategizing and implementing skilling and up-skilling solutions for the youth to enable sustainable employment opportunities.

In her stint as a consultant with the social sector advisory practice at PwC India, Pooja has gained an experience in liaising between the design and implementing machinery of the government and bi/multi laterals like World Bank, Asian Development Bank, UK Department’s Fund for International Development and Japan International Cooperation Agency.

Saagarika DaduSaagarika Dadu

Saagarika Dadu is Director of Programs at Proximity International. She has a decade of field-based experience in research, policy development, monitoring and evaluation and programme design for UN agencies, INGOs, governments and donors.

In November 2014, Saagarika was invited to present the findings of her research on how displacement can be included as part of the Somalia Compact at the High-Level Partner Forum in Copenhagen. This research led to the inclusion of displacement as a key agenda point in the HLPF’s communique. Saagarika now lives in Istanbul, traveling extensively within the region for research.

Denise FerrisDenise Ferris

Denise Ferris, Research Fellow, BRAC Independent Evaluation and Research Cell (IERC) and her work is focused on integrating participatory approaches into evaluation and research to facilitate engagement from beneficiaries.  A a social epidemiologist, Denise is passionate about integrating mixed-method approaches to understand social-structural influences on individual health.

Last year, she collaborated with the Qatar Foundation, co-authoring a paper addressing the underlying factors associated with failure of students to transition or dropout of secondary school in Uganda and Bangladesh.

Vanh MixapVanh Mixap

Vanh Mixap is a certified Social + Emotional Intelligence coach and facilitator who helps professionals develop their leadership skills. She has a strong background in leading change in the water, gender equity and tourism sectors and is passionate about building cross-generational collaboration and innovating education.

Vanh founded Everyone Matters, with a vision to create an enabling environment where every professional gives an extra mile for the work that they do and where they are respected and valued regardless of their position, age, gender and look.

Cristina de Nicolás Izquierdo Cristina de Nicolás Izquierdo

Cristina de Nicolás Izquierdo has some 20 years experience working with international NGOs, UN agencies, academic institutions, government, donors, and civil society organizations in managerial positions, and as a consultant, including with MSF, the Global Fund and ECHO. Additionally, she is one the peer reviewers and translators of the All In Diary, a practical tool for humanitarian workers.

For the past years she has focus on research around forced migration and currently is involved in a project with Trust Consultancy & Development on the integration of Syrian refugees in Turkey.

Byron PakulaByron Pakula

Byron Pakula is a Principal Consultant and Aid Effectiveness Team Leader at Clear Horizon.  He has over 15 years of experience working in the development sector, with a particular focus on governance, agriculture, natural resource management, and private sector development.

Byron has worked as a consultant providing advice on design, monitoring and evaluation; with NGOs including as a Country Director in the Syrian Crisis; as well as an economist and policy advisor for government.  Most of his experience is in the Middle East, Central Asia, South Asia and South-east Asia.