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The Foldi group works alongside the laboratory of Professor Brian Oldfield. We share lab spaces and facilities, and have joint lab meetings and social events. We are looking for new graduate students (Honours, Masters and PhD) with a keen interest in psychiatric disease, metabolism and/or behaviour to join our team.

If you are highly motivated, enthusiastic and can work effectively in both small and large groups, send your CV/transcript and a statement of interest to Dr Claire Foldi.

Selected funding groups

We gratefully acknowledge the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia, the Rebecca L Cooper Medical Research Foundation and the British Society for Neuroendocrinology for providing funding to the lab.

Teaching activities

Dr Foldi gives two lectures as part of the Integrative Neuroscience course (PHY3012) and leads Masterclasses and Journal Clubs for the Masters of Biomedical and Health Sciences program (BMS5004 & BMS5015). She also mentors Masters Students in experimental design (BMS5002).