Traffic Engineering and Management (Edn 2017)

Traffic Engineering and Management Book 2017 Edition

A practical guide to the complex world of traffic engineering and management.

This book aims to present a guide to existing practice in transport engineering and management. It is written for students entering the traffic profession, new traffic professionals embarking on their career as well as existing traffic engineers and transport professionals. It provides a comprehensive overview of traffic engineering and management practice in one text, allowing the reader to gain a broad background easily and quickly.

The book is part of a long series of works beginning in 1967 with the Traffic Engineering Practice books edited by Nicholas Clark of the University of Melbourne and R. L. Pretty of ARRB. In 1979 Ken Ogden and David Bennett continued the publication at Monash University. In 1989 the series recognised the broadening profession, including the management of traffic systems. It changed its name to Traffic Engineering and Management and was edited and updated until 2003 by Ken Ogden, David Bennet, Samantha Taylor and William Young.

The 2017 edition, edited by Dr Alexa Delbosc and Professor William Young, reflects the latest developments in the management of the road traffic system. This edition much more explicitly considers multi-modal traffic networks, integrates Safe System thinking throughout, provides greater discussion of ‘place’ or amenity and includes a more active consideration of new and emerging technologies.

The book chapters are written by leaders in their fields, including contributions from representatives of state and local government, the Australian Road Research Board, transport industry organisations and private consultancies. Topics include:

  • The Traffic System: human factors, vehicles and regulatory guidance
  • Traffic Networks: road hierarchy classification and traffic impact assessment
  • Traffic Network Elements: parking and the design of roads, intersections, signage and intersection control
  • Operational Design for Specific Road Users: pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, public transport and trucks
  • Safe Systems: understanding road safety problems and finding solutions
  • Traffic Management: network operation planning, LATM, managed motorways, activity centres, disruptions and special events
  • Analytical Techniques: traffic flow theory, modelling, traffic surveys, big data and project evaluation
  • Traffic Engineering Rules of Thumb: a ready-reference

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