Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Develop artificial hearts that save lives. Analyse systems to withstand the extremes of space. Improve electric vehicles to accelerate the renewable revolution. Rethink lithium batteries to boost energy density and reduce costs.

Want to design high-efficiency, high-performance systems – and make your mark?

Specialisation overview

Get up to speed with the latest breakthroughs in robotics, biomedical imaging, additive manufacturing, systems performance analysis and sustainability.

You’ll explore a systems approach to the design, monitoring and performance of complex mechanical engineering solutions. Then put the theory to the test as you drive innovation and seize leadership opportunities in our student teams.

Get involved in Monash Motorsport and add R&D experience to your CV as you build autonomous vehicles. Or join Monash Nova Rover to design Mars rovers for planetary exploration and forge industry connections with partners like NASA and Boeing.

In units taught by leading academics and industry experts, you’ll gain a strong understanding of engineering processes to analyse, build and maintain the technology of tomorrow.

See the course map and handbook for an outline of the course structures, units and electives.

Salil Kulkarni

I first came to Melbourne on an international exchange program from Malaysia, and really liked the vibrant campus lifestyle and immersive culture. As part of my master’s course, I worked on a team final-year project where we researched and designed what we hope will become the new standard of riding helmets. With help from our industry sponsor, we developed a helmet with Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene reinforcement which would increase the safety of the rider, whilst reducing the helmet weight.”

Salil Kulkarni

Master of Mechanical Engineering

Graduate Engineer at OMC International

Careers in Mechanical engineering

Want to build and refine the technologies of tomorrow? Wherever in the world you wish to work, Monash mechanical engineers make things happen. You might:

  • Design high-performance structures to withstand the stressors of space
  • Use ultrasound to boost sperm mobility and improve fertility
  • Refine service robotics for railways, healthcare and industry supply chains
  • Use 3D reconstruction and printing for Indigenous arts, and work with athletes to develop state-of-the-art sporting equipment
  • Create prosthetic limbs and artificial hearts
  • Assess infrastructure with mechanical vibration
  • Reimagine sustainable energy solutions

What you will learn

Mechanical Engineering

Eager to investigate the potential of robots to automate and streamline manufacturing? Design the next generation of renewable energy systems? Or make critical technologies and processes wildly more efficient? The choice is yours. Direct your development as you explore the following themes:

Mechanical design

Examine systems design, performance analysis and integrated design to boost efficiencies, increase performance and reshape what’s possible.

AI and Manufacturing

Transform production processes as you learn about the potential – and future – of advanced robotics, lean manufacturing and additive manufacturing.

Renewable energy and sustainability

The economy of the future is green, clean and circular. Investigate what’s happening in renewable energy systems, energy efficiency and sustainability engineering.

Professional practice

Learn about the roles and responsibilities of professional engineers in society.


Investigate real engineering problems, propose hypotheses, and create experimental designs – all underpinned by high-quality research.

Environmental durability and biomechanics

Complement your mechanical engineering specialist skills with a range of topics across a diverse set of disciplines.

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