Professorial and Clinical Loadings - Academic Staff

Notes on clinical loadings

The clinical loadings are effective from 2 July 2022.

Loadings payable to medically qualified staff

Payment of clinical, para-clinical or pre-clinical loadings is determined on an individual  staff basis. Whether a member of staff is entitled to a full clinical, para-clinical or pre-clinical loading will be determined by the University in  light of the nature and extent of the staff member's patient-care  responsibilities. The individual classification will be recommended by the Dean on the advice of the Head of Department.

The University may pay loadings to its professorial staff as follows:

Full-time medically qualified staff

Medically qualified staff in clinical departments

The salary payable to academic staff with medical qualifications holding appointments at the level of lecturer and above is built up of the standard academic salary for the grade concerned plus a loading as set out below:

  • clinical loading - $27,202 per annum
  • para-clinical loading - $18,156 per annum
  • pre-clinical loading - $13,617 per annum

Fractional-time medically qualified staff

Pre-clinical or para-clinical staff

Fractional-time medically qualified staff classified as pre-clinical or para-clinical receive the fraction of the total salary calculated in accordance with the principles  summarised under 'Loadings payable to medically qualified staff'.

Fractional-time qualified clinical staff

A fractional-time staff member will be paid the appropriate proportion of the clinical loading calculated in accordance with the principles summarised under 'Loadings payable to medically qualified staff' provided the payments of Medicare sessions undertaken in the course of the part-time University employment, are assigned to the University and these are sufficient to meet the cost of the clinical loading (including on-costs). The Dean will advise the Human Resources Division whether a clinical loading shall be paid in each case.

Offers of appointment are expressed in terms of the basic scale and the clinical loading  shown separately.


Contributions and benefits are based on total salary i.e. salary plus loading.