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NYC 2020

Global Discovery Program virtual Study Tour 2020

2019 Global Discovery Program NYC scholars
2019 scholars enjoying a day out in New York City.

This year Monash University is bringing the Global Discovery Program New York City Study Tour to your home. Twenty lucky students will set off on a three day online expedition to New York City with exclusive access to Monash’s influential global industry leaders as they share their real-world insights.

This is the perfect opportunity to broaden your mind, learn from our influential New York City-based alumni, meet key corporate decision makers and leaders from organisations including:

●        LiveTiles

●        Revlon

●        Moelis & Co.

●        BlackRock Asset Investment

●        The8App

●        iHeartRadio

●        Studio 71

●        United Nations

●        Global Citizen

●        Charity Water

●        Boston Consulting Group

●        Bluestone Lane Coffee

●        ANZ USA

●        Telstra USA

●        Viacom

●        Rent the Runway

●        New York Stock Exchange

●        Citibank

●        Standard & Poor’s Rating Agency

●        Sweatshop

●        American Museum of Natural History

●        Alpha

What's included?

  • Virtual team activities and workshops
  • Connect with influential global alumni leaders
  • Connect with other students and build your professional network

Why should I apply?

Our highly sought after global alumni will take you on an immersive study tour of New York City and you’ll enrich your global learning experience through real-world insights.

Through this invaluable virtual experience  you’ll have the chance to:

  • Participate in the team activities during the virtual study tour and you could get selected to go to New York City in 2021 and meet Monash’s influential global alumni leaders.
  • Develop a broad range of employability skills and attributes that are highly desired in a globalised economy
  • Challenge your way of thinking, communicate with impact, master leadership challenges, build resilience, challenge your perceptions and develop strategic thinking.
  • Connect with Monash alumni in New York City and our Global Leaders’ Network to make connections that will open doors to your career.

The Global Discovery Program Virtual Study Tour is brought to you by Monash University and the Global Leaders Network Advisory Committee, East Coast USA.

Global Discovery Program virtual Study Tour 2020 theme

How will you use technology to drive change?

We are in the midst of a digital revolution and change is happening faster than ever.

Change and technology can make a positive impact in a number of different ways including improving wellbeing, raising productivity, connectivity and responding to crises such as the current COVID-19 pandemic.

However in recent years we have also witnessed technological innovations be compromised, which has led to serious ramifications. It can interfere with democratic elections, disrupt the labour market and we can lose control of our personal information.

How will you use technology to drive change? Articulate an idea that encompasses how you will drive positive change in the world. What values are aligned to this idea and how is driving change important to you?

Applications are now open to Monash students to submit an application that includes a 60-second video on a predetermined theme selected by the Global Leaders’ Network.

Previous ‘themes’ have included:

  • What will your impact be?
  • Anything is possible
  • Be the Change
  • What will you discover?
  • Where will your ideas take you? Just imagine.
  • How will you embrace an innovative mindset?

For 2020, the selected theme of the program is How will you use technology to drive change?”, with the question students are to articulate in their application an idea that encompasses how they will drive positive change in the world. What values are aligned to this idea and how is driving change important to you?

Travel across the globe virtually and experience New York City and what it has to offer, explore future possibilities, is this your next step?

Applications have now closed for 2020.