Human-Centred Computing

Putting people first

Digital technologies are transforming the world, blurring the boundaries between virtual and physical and profoundly changing the way we interact with information. Our Department of Human-Centred Computing (HCC) is at the forefront of these revolutions, ensuring that people are central as we refigure our societal, organisational and environmental relationships.

We are a large multidisciplinary collective of researchers, practitioners and scholars. Our expertise ranges from computer creativity, immersive data analytics and visualisation to inclusive technologies, human-centred AI, and the social, cultural and experiential dimensions of emerging information and communication systems. We design and create engaging technologies that enhance people’s capabilities, understanding, and experiences, and we study their impact on individuals, communities, organisations and societies.

With our diverse range of capabilities, we aim to improve our relationship with digital technologies and to harness their power for a fairer, more equitable and just world.

Department overview

Department Overview

Meet the Head, academics, PhD students and partners of our Human-Centred Computing department.

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