We are working with a wide variety of industry, government, not-for-profit and community organisations. If your organisation is facing a technical challenge, Monash IT researchers can help to investigate and implement a new and practical solution.

HCC researchers are at the forefront of research into innovative computer interfaces including wearables, mixed reality, tangible interfaces as well as NLP, touch and gesture based interfaces. They are experts in designing human centred solutions in which humans and computer partner to solve difficult, seemingly intractable problems.

Potential to access government funding with Monash IT

Collaborating with Monash University on research projects means you can potentially benefit from considerable funding from the Australian government. There are several grant schemes available through the Commonwealth and Victorian State governments to support partnerships between academia and industry, and to encourage applied research.

Partnership contact

Associate Professor Aldeida Aleti

Associate Dean (Engagement and Impact)

Monash Information Technology