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Whether it’s an academic or research role or doctoral study, CHIC provides a supportive environment and world-class research facilities that will allow you to take the next step in your career. In addition to facilities run by CHIC such as SensiLab, the XR Lab and the HCI lab, CHIC researchers have access to the CAVE2, Woodside Innovation Lab and the Future Control Room.

Jobs in CHIC

We are on the lookout for highly talented academics and researchers to join the CHIC team. For the latest roles, please check the Monash Careers website.

Graduate degrees in CHIC

The Monash Doctoral Program includes graduate research degrees, PhD or MPhil. We also offer a PhD by Practice Based Research and Exegesis, a first for IT doctoral research in Australia, This innovative form of PhD encourages creative and dynamic projects that make discoveries through making, building and creating.

Potential applicants to Graduate Research programs in the Faculty of Information Technology must complete an Expression of Interest (EOI) form before applying for admission. You may then be invited to submit an online Application for Admission and/or Scholarship.

Consider the CHIC projects below and how they meet your interests and capabilities.

CHIC PhD Projects

Human-Centred AI group

Funded student research projects for 2018-2019

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Human-centred mobile and multimodal interfaces

Exceptionally talented PhD students will have the opportunity to join an expanding HCI group that designs, builds, and evaluates state-of-the-art computer interface technologies. The group has multidisciplinary interests and expertise in human-centred interfaces, natural mobile and multimodal interfaces, conversational interfaces involving robots and virtual characters, physiological and brain-computer interfaces, wearable and body-based interfaces, and data analytics for predicting users' emotion, cognition, and health status.

Harnessing the Body in Interaction

Project lead: Dr Jarrod Knibbe

Suitable candidates will be put forward to receive Monash Graduate Research scholarship support.

Our interaction with technology is increasingly moving away from the static, desktop-based use of old. Inherent to this move is an increasing role of our body in interaction, whether using gestures with mobile devices, using our whole body in VR, simply logging detailed information about ourselves through biometrics, or, in the extreme, giving control of our body to the computer. Jarrod’s research is in uncovering and harnessing the rich potential of our bodies to build better interfaces and improve user experience.
Jarrod is interested in supervising PhDs in the following research areas.

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Immersive Analytics group

Funded student research projects for 2018-2019

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Nomadic Augmented Reality

Dr Barrett Ens

This PhD project will explore novel methods for Nomadic Augmented Reality, a class of systems, applications and interaction techniques designed to support field workers with visual information on the go. These explorations will involve the creation of new visualisations or interaction techniques, the development of prototype systems that encompass emerging technologies, and evaluation through user studies. Practical parts of this project may involve software development using the Unity development environment or prototyping with miniature sensors and other hardware such as Arduino.

Suitable candidates for the following projects will be put forward to receive Monash Graduate Research scholarship support.

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