Our research

Monash Centre for Membrane Innovation (MCMI) brings together world-leading expertise across to make transformative breakthroughs in membrane science, engineering, technology transfer, and innovation. In the last five years, Monash researchers have worked with 30+ industry partners, raised $30+ million and published over 130 papers. Together, MCMI will develop breakthroughs in membrane technologies to seed new start-ups companies and drive the Australian membrane industry forward.

MCMI research will focuses on

  • Developing novel nanostructured membrane materials;
  • Applying membranes to replace conventional processes;
  • Designing optimised membrane processes;
  • Developing advanced models for predicting membrane performance in real conditions; and
  • Manufacturing prototype membrane modules for pilot scale testing.

Recent highlights

Alkali Metal Ion Selective MOF Membranes
Zhang et al., Sci. Adv. 2018;4: eaaq0066

Fluoride Selective MOF Nanochannels
Li, et al.,  Nat. Commun., 10 (2019), 2490

Control of Physical Aging in Glassy Mixed Matrix Membranes
Smith et. al., Acc. Chem. Sci., (2020) Invited manuscript