Our researchers

MCMI’s unique interdisciplinary team of a world leading researchers combines traditional technologies, end-user perspectives, and pioneers of new membrane materials.

Academic and Research Staff

Prof. Huanting Wang
Director - Chemical and Biological Engineering

Polymer nanocomposite and nanomaterials including metal organic frameworks (MOF), zeolites, and porous carbons, and nanostructured ceramics for gas separation, wastewater treatment, desalination, ion-selective membranes, catalysis, and biofuel fuel cell systems.
Prof. Xiwang Zhang
Deputy Director - Chemical and Biological Engineering

High performance multi-functional hierarchical structured membranes and non-polyamide-based polymer composite for water purification and wastewater treatment. Advanced oxidation technologies including solar-induced and dark-active photocatalytic membranes for water disinfection
A/Prof. Matthew Hill
Deputy Director - Chemical and Biological Engineering

Development and application of porous materials: storage, separation and triggered release of small molecules with adsorbents and membranes, flow chemistry, lithium-sulfur batteries and supercapacitors, and aging/plasticization control in mixed matrix membranes.
Prof. Mark Banaszak Holl
Chemical and Biological Engineering

Synthetic and natural (bone, ligament, protein) materials in dynamic biological processes, gene/drug delivery; bone and ligament disease and treatment
Prof. George Simon
Materials Science and Engineering

Nanoparticles and nanoclays for functional plastics, nanocomposites, biomimetics, and self-healing materials.
Prof. Louise Bennett
School of Chemistry

Trans-disciplinary research across food chemistry,, processing bio/physical-functionality, health & sensory functionalities, and clinical interventions of food.
Dr. Parama Banerjee
Chemical and Biological Engineering

Electrochemistry of interfaces, advanced carbon and nanomaterials for energy storage, corrosion, functional coatings, and nanotechnology.
A/Prof. Kei Saito
School of Chemistry

Green Chemistry synthesis and production methods for novel sustainable/environment benign materials and alternative energy materials.
Dr. Simon Corrie
Chemical and Biological Engineering

Nanoparticle-based molecular sensors for monitoring biological molecules in real biological environments.
A/Prof. Victor Chang
Civil Engineering

Human and environment interactions during the rapid urbanization process, including built environment, resource reclamation, and impact assessment.
A/Prof. David McCarthy
Civil Engineering

Urban waterway health, biological water treatment processes, and stormwater remediation for reuse and discharge to downstream recreational water bodies.
A/Prof. Warren Batchelor
Chemical and Biological Engineering

Non-woven cellulose fibre-based nanomaterials for adsorbent and Membrane separations. Paper –based material sustainability and Life Cycle Analysis.
Prof. Gil Garnierl
Chemical and Biological Engineering

Low-cost biomedical diagnostics, nanocellulose composites and green/sustainable processes using renewable lignocellulosic materials from wood and agriculture residues.
Prof. Mainak Majumder
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Translational research of graphene for membrane separations, supercapacitors, batteries, strain sensors, micro-/nano-fluidics, and anti-corrosion coatings.
Prof. Benny Freeman
Chemical and Biological Engineering

Structure/property correlation development for desalination and gas separation membrane materials, such as new materials for water/ion separation, hydrogen separation, natural gas purification, and carbon capture.
Dr Sushil Dhital
Chemical and Biological Engineering

Food Structure, Food Processing, Enzyme Kinetics, In-vitro Models, Starch, Plant cell walls.
Dr Joanne Tanner
Chemical and Biological Engineering

Biorefinery, Sustainable Processes, Green Chemistry and Green Engineering.
Dr Leonie Van ’t Hag
Chemical and Biological Engineering

Self-assembly, food structure, drug delivery, therapeutic peptides, protein structures, X-ray and neutron scattering, in meso crystallisation, lipid mesophases, colloids, functional materials.
Dr Zhikao Li
Chemical and Biological Engineering

Membrane and adsorption technologies for water treatment and gas processing. Physics-informed machine learning: its application in process modelling and process control.
Dr Victor Cadarso Busto
Chemical and Biological Engineering

Novel and Scalable Technologies for the Fabrication of Functional Surfaces and 3D Complex Structures for Applications in Optical MEMS, Biomedical Sevices, Environmental Monitoring and Sensing Platforms.
Dr Tuncay Alan
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Microlectromechanical Systems, Nanofabrication, Microfluidics and Biomedical Devices.
Dr Reza Nosrati
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Microfluidics, Infertility, Diagnostics, Organ-on-a-chip, Sperm Function, Cell Motility, Bioengineering, Biosensors, Biomedical Devices, Biological Fluid Dynamics.