Dr. Sushil Dhital

Dr. Sushil Dhital

Senior Lecturer
Department of Chemical Engineering

Sushil completed his PhD at The University of Queensland in 2011 elucidating the structure-property relations of starch granules. This was followed by a research fellow position at UQ, examining the starch-plant cell walls interactions. Sushil joined Monash University (Department of Chemical Engineering) in July 2019.


  • Graduate Certificate in Higher Education, School of Education, University of Queensland, Queensland 4072, Australia
  • PhD (Food Technology), Centre for Nutrition and Food Sciences, University of Queensland, Queensland 4072, Australia
  • Masters of Technology (Food), Central Department of Food Technology, Tribhuvan University, Nepal
  • Masters of Business Administration (MBA), Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal


Food Strucure

My major interest is to elucidate the interactions of macro-nutrients at various length scales leading to the macro-structure of food. Understanding, how the macro-nutrients eg starch, protein, lipids and fibers interact during formulations and processing help to design the foods with desired nutritional and processing functionality.

Starch and Dietary Fibres

Starch and dietary fibers are most abundant carbohydrates in our diets. My aim is to address the epidemics of metabolic diseases by designing the foods that have lower starch digestibility as well as enriched with fibers.

Vegetable Proteins

Protein from vegetable sources is gaining popularity not only due to their exceptional nutritional functionality but also due to the diverse functional properties. I aim to optimize the process to isolate protein from different vegetable source as well as study their structure-property relationships so as to develop innovative food products.

Enzyme kinetics and in-vitro digestion models

Conducting human trails for food nutritional study is not always possible. Thus, I  use the in-vitro models as a bio-mechanical mimic of the human and animal digestive system.  I am interested in the development of new models as well as validation of existing in-vitro models.


2016: AB Blakeney Early Career Development Scholarship, Australasian Grain Science Association (AGSA)

2015: The Australian Nutrition Trust Fund (ANTF) Travelling Fellowships, Nutrition Society of Australia (NSA).

2014:  Jack Kefford Award, the Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology (AIFST), Australia

2013:  2013 AACC International Carbohydrate Division/Megazyme Award (Third Prize), AACC International, USA


Member: Nutrition Society of Australia (Inc.) (NSA), Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology (Inc.) (AIFST), Australasian Grain Science Association (AGSA), American Association of Cereal Chemists International (AACC International).

Life member:  Nepal Food Scientists and Technologist’s Association (NEFOSTA).

Council member: Australasian Grain Science Association (AGSA) (2019-2021)


A. Books

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Sthapit A. B., Yadhav P., Tamang. G., Dhital, S. (2005). A Text Book of Operations Management (ISBN 99946-45-28-5) (A customized textbook for Bachelors in Technology, Engineering, and Management), Asmita Books Publisher and Distributors, Kathmandu, Nepal.

 B. Book Chapter

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Madan Chapagai -Associate Advisor
The role of modified starches in selective mineral flotation

Dongdong Ni-Associate Advisor
Satiety and satiation of plant foods

Caili Li- Associate Advisor
Functionality of high amylose starches

Haiteng Li - Associate Advisor
Gut Microbial Response to Resistant Starch in Wheat

Ghanendra Gartaula-Associate Advisor
Wheat endosperm cell walls: isolation, characterisation and solubilisation
2014 to 2018

Rewati Raman Bhattarai-Associate Advisor
Effect of food structure on enzymic hydrolysis of macronutrients
2014 to 2018

Bin Zhang-Associate Advisor
Molecular organization, physical and digestion properties of less-ordered starch matrices
2012 to 2015


Jeremy Ho
Starch retrogradation and gel properties of high amylose wheat starches
2018 to 2019

Zaifen Li
Investigation of protein functionality in High Amylose Wheat flour
2018 to 2019

Charmi Pradeepkumar Gandhi
Microbial response to diverse forms of soluble fiber
2017 to 2018

Rinda Kania
Encapsulation of polyphenols in natural matrices
2016 to 2017

Haiteng Li
Viability of Lactobacillus plantarum encapsulated in porous maize starch granules
2015 to 2016

Hinal Patel
Determination of the biochemical properties and in-vitro starch digestibility of banana
2014 to 2015

Uyen Tran
Effect of soluble fibre on digestibility of starch in Western diets
2012 to 2013


Arindam Saikia
Production of amorphous cold water soluble starch by repeated freeze drying
2016 to 2017

Xin Hui Koh
Textural Properties of (Short) Cookies Enriched with Resistant Starch
2013 to 2014

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