Step 1: CPD experiences


To pass your CPD you need to complete a minimum of 420 hours of professional practice activities outside the classroom during your Monash course.

Of these 420 hours, at least 50% must be from Engineering-related activities, and a maximum of 70 hours of Engineering-related Curriculum-based activities can count.

As soon as you complete an activity you should record it on Student futures and write your skill reflection.

For ideas on ways to get your activity hours for CPD, please see the CPD activity suggestions list

For ideas on how to find paid and unpaid work experience, please see the Work experience page.

Jump to Step 2: Student Futures for all the details on how to record your CPD activity hours

There will be severe penalties for anyone caught falsifying claims on their CPD. Failure to supply accurate and honest details about the activities you have attended, the hours you spent at those activities, the skills you have developed, the experiences you were exposed to, or accurate contact details and supporting documentation for verification purposes, would put your graduation in jeopardy if you were suspended or excluded from the university. Monash University’s policy on Academic Integrity applies in each of those instances, and for all CPD submissions. Furthermore, as a future Engineer, you should be upholding the Engineers Australia Stage 1 competency of ethical conduct and personal accountability.