The department is looking to build and develop its relationships with ECSE alumni to establish lifelong connections in partnership with our established alumni community, the Society of Monash Electrical Engineering Alumni (SMEEA).

SMEEA was established to provide graduates of ECSE an opportunity to keep in contact with the Department and other alumni and saying that, we’d love to hear from you! To get in touch please contact us at

We hope the information below provides some insight into what’s been happening in the department over the recent years.

Alumni News

  • SMEEA Dinner on 11th October 2017
    The annual dinner will be held on the 11th October this year at the Waverley Golf Club in Rowville. Our speaker will be Tony Marxsen, outgoing Chair of the Australian Energy Market Operator, on the subject "Australia's future energy system and how we get there", a subject important to all of us. Full details are on the attached Dinner Notice.

    Please let us know as soon as you can if you would like to join us for this occasion.

    Further information can be found through the following link Dinner Report

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  • New approach to make cancer treatment more targeted and subsequently more effective?

Alumni Profiles

  • Nadia Antanovskii
  • Olga Trivailo
  • Milosh Ivanovich
  • Rory Paltridge
  • Mark Ng
  • Ryan McColl

Douglas Lampard Prize winners

Society of Monash Electrical Engineering Alumni

SMEEA welcomes alumni from all courses run in the past and present by the Department of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering,including non-Clayton Campus courses. Membership for SMEEA is free.

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The Society of Monash Electrical Engineering Alumni (SMEEA)was established to provide former graduates of ECSE an opportunity to keep in contact with the Department and other alumni.

SMEEA releases an annual newsletter and hosts an Alumni Dinner yearly.

SMEEA Alumni Annual Dinner 2015

If you are interested in expressing an interest in attending the dinner - email And see above for more details.

SMEEA Alumni Annual Dinner 2014

Andrew Atkinson, BE(73 )was the guest speaker at the 2014 event addressing the topic of ‘In Control,Out of Control’.

Andrew spoke to the development of industrial control systems over the past forty years.  With a background in the design and installation of systems in the food/beverage, automotive,smelting and mining sectors locally and internationally, and 15 years spent inDubai at the Dubai Aluminium Smelter, Andrew had some interesting stories to tell!

During his time in Dubai Andrew was drawn into the citys dark underbelly– people trafficking.  Providing the guests with an insight into his experiences, Andre shared what he has done to both rescue people and fight the traffickers.

SMEEA Alumni Annual Dinner 2013

James Brown BE(65),PhD(71) addressed the audience on the topic of ‘Experiences of anUn-Reconstructed Engineer’.

James’ career started in the SEC and is ending in renewable energy and decentralized power generation.He will describe some experiences in developing and manufacturing renewable energy products, how power electronics, digital control and communications have enabled the industry, and how the integration of renewable energy into the electricity industry and the political environment presents opportunities and worthy challenges.

James’ generation has seen vast changes in the techniques of electrical engineering, publication of knowledge, now transformed into IP, expansion in the depth and breadth of engineering disciplines, and low cost access to a fantastic range of software tools. At the same time the environment in which engineering is practiced has changed dramatically. Engineering judgments must be converted to economic benefits. The ideology of private ownership and competition is seen by many asa one size fits all silver bullet. Regulation is seen as a necessary but undesirable constraint. Society exists to serve the economy.

SMEEA Alumni Annual Dinner 2012

A Brief History of the Department of Electrical and ComputerSystems Engineering at Monash University - 1962 to 2012

It is 50 years since the Department was formed in 1962 so it is appropriate that a history be written at this time. Bill Brown, who joined the Department in 1964, has put together some reminiscences of his time there and has been assisted by many others.

A summary of the very enjoyable evening and a copy of the presentation on ECSE early history can be found here (PDF, 20KB).

A copy of the SMEEA alumni news from this year can be found here (PDF, 40KB).

SMEEA Alumni Annual Dinner 2011

Ed Cherry delivered a key note entitled ‘My Life in Electronics’ where he started by describing the one valve radio circuit he had built at age 12 and ended noting that in spite of changing technologies the fundamentals of analog electronics had not altered much through his career.

Further information can be found through the following link Dinner Report

ECSE Obituaries

Vale Ray Jarvis October 2013

Emeritus Professor Raymond A. Jarvis's life and achievements tribute from