Frequently asked questions

How do I get a desk in New Horizons?

To request for a desk in New Horizons, please refer here

What do I need to do to gain access to New Horizons?

The New Horizons building has restricted access. To gain access to the building:

Obtain a Monash ID card

ID cards are obtained through Monash Connect, located in the Campus Centre (Building 10). You may not be able to obtain a Monash ID card until your information has been entered by Human Resources on to the Monash HRIS system. Your supervising academic or department executive assistant may be able to help you obtain a Monash ID card.


All occupants and users of the building must complete a building induction to get access. Lab users will also have to complete specialised inductions before they get access to lab areas.

The New Horizons Online Building Induction can be completed here.

If you do not have a Monash ID but need to complete an NH induction, please email

Complete the access request form

The access request form can be found in the Building Induction procedure

Complete lab induction

Please approach the individual lab supervisor to get inducted into the individual lab you wish to use.  If unsure, please contact your department manager.

If you are a New Horizons occupant you will be allocated office area and collaboration lounge access automatically once your New Horizons Access Form is received and approved by your supervisor.

If you have completed the building induction and the Tier 1 lab induction but still need access to a specialist lab, please contact the lab manager, or the building safety officers ( or

Please note: access may take up to 3 days to be activated.

Where can I find a New Horizons access form?

If you have completed your necessary inductions, the online access request form can be found here.

This must be submitted and approved before access will be granted.

How can I print in New Horizons?

Please contact your department admin staff.

Who should I contact if I have a New Horizons related question?

If you have a New Horizons related enquiry or issue please contact and you will receive a reply as soon as possible. Please note that this address is not monitored full time. There may be a 2 day delay depending on staff rostering.

Who do I report a New Horizons fault to?

Contact either Ian Wheeler or Stelios Konstantinidis.

Who do I contact about general building queries?

Contact either Ian Wheeler or Stelios Konstantinidis.

How do I book a room in New Horizons?

Meeting rooms

Use google calendar to book meeting rooms...

Seminar rooms

Use google calendar to book seminar rooms...

External room bookings

  • If you are not a Monash staff member but are hosting an event in NH one member of your group must complete a NH induction.
  • To sign up for a NH induction please email
  • You will need to organise your own parking. Information about parking at the Clayton campus can be found here.
  • There is restricted access to the NH seminar rooms. You can sign out a fob from the Engineering Faculty reception on the ground floor of building 72 to access these rooms. You can only pick these up on week days before 12pm and please remember to return it at the end of your event.

What if I only need access for an event?

If you only need access to New Horizons because you are using one of the rooms for an event, you can sign out a fob from the Engineering Faculty reception on the ground floor of 14 Alliance Lane (building 72). You can only pick these up on week days before 12pm and please remember to return it at the end of your event.

New Horizons catering

  • You are responsible for making any catering arrangements that you may require at New Horizons.
  • Saporo Café is located on the ground floor of New Horizons. Saporo also provides catering, their contact no is 9544 8503. At this stage, Saporo catering can not be charged direct to a cost centre - it must be paid for, and claimed back through expenses.
  • Please be aware that catering will need to be cleaned up and the room will need to be completely reset before you leave or you will be charged a cleaning fee. It is advised that you send a photo of the reset room to

New Horizons parking

  • Clayton Campus parking regulations apply to New Horizons occupants and visitors. Information regarding parking can be found here.
  • The nearest car park to New Horizons is N1 (building 80). You can find it in grid reference B2 on the campus map.

How do I get to New Horizons?

New Horizons is Building 82 or 20 Research Way at the Clayton Campus, it is located in the engineering precinct of the campus. You can find it in grid reference B2 on the campus map.

If you are travelling to the Clayton campus options of travel can be found here.

Locating a Meeting Room or Office in New Horizons

  • The Monash enquiry maps allow you to zone in on specific rooms within a building:
  • Select Clayton campus (top left drop down box)
  • Select Building 82 or 20 Research Way
  • You will then be able to look at each level and find the meeting room or office that you need to visit.
  • Please remember that there is only swipe card access to levels 1 to 3 so prior arrangements will need to be made if you are visiting these floors. Internal phones are located throughout the building. In addition, there is an tablet directory next to the phone on the ground floor foyer, opposite the stairs over the internal entrance to Café Saporo.

Where do I find New Horizons evacuation maps?

New Horizons evacuation maps can be found here. If you are presenting at New Horizons it is a good idea to embed the relevant maps into your presentation. If you are an occupant or frequently visit New Horizons it is a good idea to familiarise yourself with the evacuation diagrams.

New Horizons tea, coffee and milk

An ample amount of Milk is delivered to each break out room and the lounge in New Horizons. Milk is delivered once a week and the tea, coffee and sugar supplies are also topped up once a week.

Video conferencing in New Horizons

All information about video conferencing in New Horizons can be found here.

How can I access the Parenting Room?

There is a Parenting Room on Level 2 (Room 248) equipped with a sink, fridge, electrical powerpoints, a nursing chair, change table and limited children’s equipment.  It is only accessible with swipe card or fob access.  Temporary and Ongoing access to Level 2 in order to access the Parenting Room is available:

Temporary access

If you are attending New Horizons as a guest for an event or function, ask your event organiser to borrow a fob on your behalf, so you can access Level 2.

Ongoing access

Monash staff and students can arrange access to the Parenting Room by completing the standard access request process, starting with the Online Induction.

Please note that staff and students are not required to obtain their manager’s approval on the access request form.   Requests for the Parenting Room can list either Ian Wheeler or Stelious Konstantinidis  as the Academic Supervisor.  To respect your privacy, your supervisor will not be advised that you have requested access to the Parenting Room.  In this case, please note on the form that you are requesting access to the Parenting Room only.