Water Engineering

water group

The water discipline at the Department of Civil Engineering is active in a wide range of research projects that span all three of the department's research themes.

The Water discipline is also a part of the Monash Water for Liveability Centre, CRC for Water Sensitive Cities, Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC and the National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training and the Monash Infrastructure Institute.


Head of Discipline: Dr Christoph Rüdiger

Academic staff

Dr. Tanveer Adyel
Dr. Sina Alaghmand
A/Prof Victor Chang
Dr Edoardo Daly
Dr. Anna Lintern
A/Prof David McCarthy
A/Prof Valentijn Pauwels
Dr Christoph Rüdiger
Dr Christian Urich
Prof Jeff Walker
Dr. Brandon Winfrey

Research staff

Dr Ying Gao
Dr Adrien Guyot
Dr Rebekah Henry
Dr Xiaoling Wu
Dr Nan Ye

Adjunct staff

Prof Ana Deletic
Dr James Hilton
Dr Robert Keller
Dr Tony Ladson
Dr Mahesh Prakash

Key facilities

Teaching commitments

The water discipline makes teaching contributions to a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. In particular it has a leading role in the Master of Civil Engineering (Water), and is responsible for the following core subjects:

Study Mode: *Off-Campus, **On-Campus

CIV5881: Ground water hydrology * **
CIV5882: Flood hydraulics and hydrology **
CIV5883: Surface water hydrology **
CIV5884: Water sensitive stormwater design * **