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Engineers possess a rare combination – a seamless blend of the practical and the creative. It’s a profession that tackles society’s challenges and makes the world a better place to live. And what better place to study engineering than the best faculty for engineering in Australia* - that’s us.

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Fearless Girl should provide the spark to inspire more female engineers

The message of empowerment and equality needs to be widely embraced in the engineering profession.

8 March 2019

Embracing two contrasting careers: a wonderful balancing act

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Call it good luck, but Alexandra Gummer (BE(Chemical)(Hons) 2016, BSc 2016) has worked hard to juggle two successful careers: one as a chemical engineer/biochemist and the other as an elite athlete. Let’s unpack the amazing life of this superwoman...

8 March 2019

Monash Engineering Leadership Program phase 1 kicks off for 2019

In a long-held tradition of commitment to fostering innovative leadership skills, we conducted the residential program last week for nearly 60 undergraduate students participating in Phase 1 of the Monash Engineering Leadership Program.

A once-in-100 year innovation opens up new manufacturing options for the aluminium industry

In a world-first breakthrough for the materials and advanced manufacturing fields, Monash University engineers have developed a new and improved way to manufacture aluminium alloys, overturning 100 years of established practice and opening up new options for industry to test and develop new alloy manufacturing processes.

1 March 2019
Monash University news

Urgent action on cladding from building industry needed to prevent future disasters

How many more lives need to be lost, livelihoods ruined and properties destroyed before an international standard – or at least an Australian one – is set surrounding the use of flammable cladding in residential buildings?

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