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Engineers possess a rare combination – a seamless blend of the practical and the creative. It’s a profession that tackles society’s challenges and makes the world a better place to live. And what better place to study engineering than the best faculty for engineering in Australia* - that’s us.

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Monash Civil Engineering efficiently responds to level crossing Superload challenge

Monash Civil Engineering recently demonstrated how valuable it is as a partner to industry.

In a critical stage in the Level Crossing Removal Program, structural engineers from Monash University applied their unique expertise assisting authorities to safely transport heavy loads across a number of Melbourne bridges.

21 November 2018

Monash Living Lab, a winning space for the future of urban water

David McCathy

Refurbishing a hydraulics lab on a university campus may not sound terribly exciting at first. Bring in Melbourne’s top designers and a vision by water engineer Associate Professor David McCarthy and we have a high-end research facility that is delivering ground-breaking research in water treatment and biofiltration. The Monash Living Laboratory is now an award-winning, flexible space in which multidisciplinary engineers conduct leading research.

19 November 2018

World-first “smart drying” technology attracts IChemE Global Award

To extend the shelf life of Australia’s powdered dairy exports, such as infant formula, Cordelia Selomulya, Professor of Chemical Engineering, and her team at Monash have developed the technology to improve spray drying (using a hot gas to produce dry powder from a liquid or slurry). Their outstanding work has now been recognised at the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) Global Awards 2018 in Manchester, England, winning the Food and Drink Award for Collaborative Food and Dairy Research.

16 November 2018

First FLAMES scholar learns how to go after what she wants

When double degree student Marielle Salom applied for the Female Leaders Alumni Monash Engineering Scholarship (FLAMES), she was ready for its mentoring network to propel her towards a rewarding career. And she figured she met all the criteria.

13 November 2018
Monash University news

Australian paper industry gets bio-overhaul thanks to new research hub

Australia's pulp and paper industries are set to be the beneficiaries of a new research hub that will look at transforming wood and other organic waste into everything from medicinal gels to food packaging.

26 October 2018
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