Wind Tunnel

About the facility

The Monash University Wind Tunnel Facility has a broad range of aerodynamics testing capabilities. The tunnel is used for vehicle development in the areas of aerodynamic, aeroacoustic and cooling analysis in both road and racing car design. Other testing areas include airplane, UAV and micro UAV, truck, train, building, cycling, yachting and various other aerodynamic tests. The facility is available for industry, research and student use.

Our aims are to provide high quality service and expertise to the community, our profession and industry; educate the next generation of leaders by providing research and industry experience in aerodynamics and related areas; generate new knowledge and insight through research and development.


Specifications and features

Current research projects

Monash Wind Tunnel Research Projects include:

Sport Aerodynamics

  • Cycling Aerodynamics

Wind Energy

Bluff Body Aerodynamics

  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Heavy Vehicles
  • Train Aerodynamics

Vehicle Aeroacoustics

Vehicle Cooling

Flow Visualisation

Wind Engineering

Information for students

Final year projects

Previous projects have included:

  • Wind Energy
  • Vehicle Aerodynamics
  • Aircraft Aerodynamics

Available projects are listed on the Mechanical Engineering website and are supervised by David Burton. Projects are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis and should be organised as early as possible to avoid missing out.


The Monash F-SAE team has spent hundreds of hours testing, refining and validating the vehicles aerodynamic package in the Monash Wind Tunnel.

Specific heat dissipation equipment installed in the Wind Tunnel has also been utilized by the team to assess engine cooling performance for a number of different radiator configurations and locations.

More information on the Monash Motorsport Team can be found here.