Research scholarships

As a leading research and teaching institution, Monash University attracts students of the highest calibre. In recognition of the important investment that students make in their education, we offer a range of scholarships to reward and enable outstanding academic achievement.

The Engineering faculty and Monash University offer a range of scholarships for domestic and international graduate research students, including tuition fees, stipends and relocation allowances.

Scholarships are awarded based on academic merit with priority being given to students with a qualification equivalent to a Monash H1 or higher.

Applications for our graduate research degrees are accepted all year, but the majority of Monash’s scholarships are awarded in the following four scholarship rounds:

Round Applicant Type Applications Open Applications Close Enrolment Period
1 International 1 September 31 March July - December
of the current year
2 Domestic 1 November 31 May July - December
of the current year
3 International 1 April 31 August January - June
of the following year
4 Domestic 1 June 31 October January - June
of the following year

Please see here for information on how to apply.

Faculty scholarships

Outside of the above scholarships rounds, the faculty considers high calibre applications at any time of the year.

Tuition, stipend and top-up scholarships are available from departments, the faculty, academic’s research funds and other strategic sources. These scholarships are awarded on a case-by-case basis and are dependent on the research project and supervisor.

Externally funded scholarships

The Faculty is happy to assist students with funding from external sources whether this be from governments, industry or philanthropic institutions. For any questions regarding any external funding you may be a recipient of, feel free to get in touch with the faculty.

Monash provides information on Australian and foreign government scholarships and sponsorships and how we can assist with these via our global engagement unit.

Malaysia School of Engineering

Separate scholarships are available for students who wish to study at the School of Engineering, Malaysia campus. Information about this and available research projects can be seen here.