Find a supervisor

Finding the right supervisor for your research is crucial to your graduate research degree. Monash Engineering is home to world-leading academic staff working across a wide range of disciplines who are available to supervise research students.

There are generally three ways to find a supervisor working in your area of interest.

1. By research interest or if known, a researcher's name

This will allow you to find all staff who specialise, supervise or publish in the areas you are interested in.


2. By research project currently available

This will enable you to find a research project that suits your research interests or through a research centre or hub.

See current projects

3. Explore our departments and school

Once you have found a researcher that you believe could supervise your project, send them an email introducing yourself that includes a completed Expression of Interest form (DOCX, 0.18 MB).

Please do not send a bulk email to a number of researchers.

If a researcher agrees to supervise your research project, keep a copy of the email confirming this arrangement as you will need it for your application.