Geomechanics laboratories

The geoengineering laboratory facility at the Clayton Campus of Monash University is one of the most extensively equipped geoengineering laboratories in Australia, and certainly in Victoria. The equipment housed in this laboratory has been purchased or built in-house  over many years through university, government and industry funding.

The equipment facility at Monash includes a range of both standard and purpose-built geoengineering testing equipment which is used extensively for both basic and applied research, particularly the construction and mining sectors. Some items of equipment are unique  to this laboratory. All equipment is available for commercial testing and attracts regular use from local and international clients.

All major items of equipment utilise automatic data acquisition, the results from which are displayed in real time. Digital cameras allow images of samples to be down loaded onto the WWW, once again providing valuable information to the client.

The facilities of MGG consist of four rooms of equipment on the ground floor of Building 37 and two rooms on the first floor. Click here for a tour of the ground floor laboratories, or follow the links on the side menu.